Jewellery Trend 2019

We are delighted to be bringing you the best jewellery trends of 2019 ❤


We have the hottest jewellery trends from the CatWalk and we just love love love them!

It’s time to beat those January blues and buy yourself some staple pieces for your Spring/Summer Jewellery Box.

Even one sentence will be not enough! After all, our favourite jewellery accessories get their new level.

Donatella Versace recommends each fashionista to create her own collection of trendy jewellery. Investing money only in clothes is senseless. In general, it is not surprising that in 2019, designers paid particular attention to this segment of fashion. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the peak jewellery trends 2019 in order to buy a couple of new products in time to replenish your jewellery box!

The main jewellery trends 2019 include the abundance of stones and rhinestones, multilayering, large-scale parts and asymmetry. Please note that most of them have large size, inserts of pearls, precious and semiprecious stones. We have also seen lots of skinny jewellery pieces along with long layers of gorgeous pieces.

Check out some of the trends hot from fashio week and our handmade alternatives below!!


We have a variety of tassels now available to purchase from €45

Chunky Coloured Bangles:

Layer them or wear them individually. We have a range of Dyrberg/Kern coloured bangles also available. Perfect worn casual or dressed up.

Monotone Rhinestone and Pearl earrings:

More beautiful floral statement earrings. Gorgeous for transitioning from day to night.


Gold multi-layered necklace:

All of the skinny multilayered chains are on trend this season. Wear it over your winter wooly or over your summer string.


Chunky Chains:

Metal industrial styled pieces are a huge trend this year. Minimalistic feels with these pieces and they can be worn over a variety of patterns and materials


We love love love these trends for Jewellery in 2019!!

Call in store or visit our website for more.


Thanks for reading.

Love Azure xxx

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