Bridal Bible Featuring Laura Davis

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For Julys Bridal Bible we spoke to Laura Davis who married Tony Aherne in Bantry last March. Laura gives us an insight into the planning and preparation leading up to the big day and shares how she loved every moment!

1.Where did you buy your dress and how long before the wedding? 

I bought my dress in Rice n Roses bridal boutique. I bought it exactly 12 months before my big day.



2.Who did your hair?

 Nic’s Pin Ups did my hair and the bridal party for the day of the wedding. Nichola was brilliant from start to finish and made us all very calm and beautiful on the day.



3.Who did your makeup? 
I got my make up, tan, and nails all done in Image beauty and tanning in Farranree. The girls working there are excellent at what they do and helped me in every way possible leading up to the wedding day.



4.Where did you buy your accessories? 

I got my hair piece, my chain and earrings all handmade in Azure. I was able to pick out exactly what I wanted and the girls were so helpful in helping me to pick out pieces that would suit me best. I also got my mam’s jewellery designed in Azure. Everyone was complimenting both our jewellery on the day, especially my head piece which I absolutely adore!


5.Where did you get married and did you look at many venues before deciding on that particular one? 

We got married in Enniskeane church by Fr Tom Hayes. We went to Bantry House for our photos and then onto  The West Lodge Hotel in Bantry for our reception and we had the most spectacular day. We both decided that we wanted to go to West cork for our reception so we took a spin down West and visited all possible hotels along the coast. We had no appointment to view The West Lodge but decided to take a look before we set off home and we both fell in love with the hotel. The manager Pat Gill was so down to earth and dealt with all our queries and thoughts in the most professional manner. I would recommend this hotel highly.




6.How many bridesmaid did you have and where did you buy their dresses and accessories? 

I had 4 bridesmaids. I have 3 sisters, Ciara, Tracey and Fiona and my cousin Ailish who is like another sister. I always wanted to have yellow bridesmaids dresses, because it’s my favourite colour. However it’s a hard colour to find in the many bridal shops we looked in throughout the city. So I saw the colour yellow I loved on a friends Facebook page and decided to order my dresses from where she got hers and I was so happy with the result. I ordered them from a shop on e-bay and said I’d take a gamble because the price of the 4 dresses which were made to order was the price of 1 dress in a bridal shop here. I decided last minute to get 2 yellow and 2 grey dresses and was thrilled with how they turned out. I got all of their accessories in Debenhams.




7.What did you find the most challenging aspect of organising your wedding? 

I’m an organiser so I absolutely loved the challenge of organising our dream day. I love being creative and being able to do things myself so I took on alot leading up to the day. From the time I got engaged 19 months before the wedding  is the time I starting planning. I didn’t really ask for much advice because I knew people who have their own opinions and I knew myself what I wanted so I continued to scan threw Pinterest night and day! I ordered alot of stuff online, like small little extras that I used in making my wedding invitations, my mass booklets etc. I started the making of them early so I wasn’t under too much pressure coming up to my wedding day. I spent almost a whole year every evening on buying stuff online, to making the invitations, making the mass booklets and mass fans, to deciding on the church decor, which both my husband and myself did ourselves the day before the wedding. I wanted to be a stress free organised bride and I think I was!



8.Brides always mention how difficult it is to find shoes; where did you get yours? 

I saw my dream shoes on line on Debenhams and decided to wait and see would they go down in price during the Christmas sale, but to my disappointment they ended up selling out in my size! So being a bit distraught and knowing I wanted them I got the name of shoes and went online to find them elsewhere. Almost all the other shops that supplied them were sold out too, but I got lucky and found a bridal shop in England and got them in my size. They were Pink by Paradox and I love them still!

They were quite high but had a wedge so were very comfortable.
9.Were there any individual touches that you added and that you particularly loved about your day? 

I loved the fact that I was able to decorate the church myself the day before my wedding, I was picking up stuff throughout my engagement and I thought the church was blissful on the day. We got a mobile coffee unit to set up outside the church and the guests were thrilled to  get tea and coffee, before and after the ceremony .I made little baskets of goodies for each bathroom, and we had a sweet cart,and a selfie mirror which went down a treat on the day. We gave each guest a scratch card and was great fun with whoever was lucky with a win, we had no big winners but it was a good ice breaker for those who didn’t know people at their tables. I also put a selfie stick on each table which was a great hit with all the guests.

I gave small little presents to both of our families on the morning and they were very grateful that we did this. It didn’t cost much because being the organised bride I ordered
Things well in advance on line so they didn’t cost a fortune, for example personalised handkerchief,cuff links,charms for bracelets etc.



10.What piece of advice would you give to an upcoming bride?

I would advise other future brides to relax and enjoy every single part of the weeks leading up and the day itself. It goes by so quickly you’d wish you had another few hours.

Make sure to Get a good photographer and videographer. When all the hype is over this is all you’ll have left to look forward to. It is a big downer when everything is over but when I got my video and photographs I was over the moon and at least I have them to refer back again and again! Hope you have the best time. I wish I could do it again!

Photographer: My photographers were O’Brien studios, I was very lucky because they are my mams 3 brothers, so I had 1 photographer in my house,1 in my Tonys house and 1 for the church! The videographer was Denis Mc Carthy from Captured Occasions,he was exceptional.

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