Latest Contempary Jewellery Trends straight to you from Paris Fashion Week

We all love keeping ‘in the know’ when it comes to fashion trends with clothes and shoes, so why should jewellery be any different?

We kept a close eye on all things jewellery this Paris Fashion Week to ensure our readers and customers will be staying in style and looking fabulous this Autumn/Winter season ❤️

Here’s a look at some of the hottest looks straight off the runway.

The Pearl Statement earrings:

It seems like pearls were all go for the trends in earrings and we have got some gorgeous bits like you see below; in store and online.


Next we saw a big trend in the statement necklaces. Which we loveeee 😍 You can wear these pieces with just about any item of clothing whether it be patterned or plain. They are fabulous pieces to have to make you the centre of attention of the party!


The next trend we saw was pearls. But not only the normal ivory and white pearls there was lots of coloured pearls! This is our speciality so whether it’s a simple single strand necklace or an extravagant multi-strand we’ve got you covered.


FINALLY!!! Brooches are back💕 We are so excited to see brooches back on the runways this season. We just love how versatile they are. You can wear them on a coat, top, scarf, bag, the list is endless. I’m telling you ladies and gents this is the must buy gift this Christmas ! We stock all colours, sizes and styles and starting from only €35!!


So there you have it. The Autumn/Winter Contempary jewellery trends straight from Paris the jewellery capital of the world 😍

Keep and eye on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for our handmade versions to match these trends and don’t forget to visit our website:


See you next week and thanks for reading,

The Azure Team xxx

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