Bridesmaids Dresses and Accessories.

Would you wear it yourself?

If you would, it’s probably going to keep everyone in the bridal party happy. If you wouldn’t, why not? Does it cling in all the wrong the places? Is the shade unflattering to your skin tone? Did you choose it just for the colour? Keep this in mind if you’re bridesmaids are less than pleased with your choices. Make sure every dress is beautiful for your photos.

Women come in different shapes and sizes! It’s not essential to ask your bridesmaids to wear matching dresses, maybe try similar styles on each of them instead. Some cuts and materials do not suit different body shapes. If you are sold on the idea of a uniform dress, stick to A-line skirts with empire waists as these are the closest to universally flattering you’ll find.

This is why the Amity Boutique multiway dresses are ideal if you have a group of girls in different shapes and sizes, you can wrap the dresses to suit everyones style and taste. Which will make everyone happy that they can show off their best body parts 😉


Try different shades. Stick with your chosen colour scheme but try different shades depending on what suits your bridesmaids’ skin tones. If you have ladies that are fair, stick to pastel hues. For those ladies with darker complexions, they can pull off brighter colours. Most women know what colours and shades make them look beautiful! Ask your bridal party what colours suit them and try and work with their tastes. Why not be different and change the colour for each bridesmaid.

Choose something they’ll wear again. This is incredibly important if the dresses are expensive to buy. Get an option that each of your bridesmaids will get use of at another function. Again the Amity multiway dresses can be worn in hundreds of different ways so you can be sure that your bridesmaids will get wear out of them. And if you are getting the full length dresses you can always cut them up to mid length if they might get more wear out of them this way!

Make them comfortable. Every woman feels comfortable wearing different styles of dress. Ask your bridesmaids if they are comfortable with your choices – this takes into account what works for each lady. Especially when dealing with strapless/backless options (that don’t accommodate bra straps) for those ladies blessed with a bit of cleavage!


No bridezilla! Keep that inner control freak under wraps and let each bridesmaid have an input on her outfit for the day – the more understanding you are, the happier they’ll be and the smoother the big day will run. Organising amazing dresses for the day and looking stunning is meant to be part of the fun!

You can also choose  the Amity Loves collection which are made to order also. Choose your style and colour that suits your bridesmaids best and ties into your wedding theme! The Amity loves collection comes in over 60 colours.

Now on to ACCESSORIES!!! This is our favorite part of the Bridesmaids process.

Ok so every dress needs some accessories whether it be hair pieces, bracelets or earrings to jazz it up and add that bit of elegance.

A plain dress with the right neckline can take a statement necklace. This is something the bridesmaids can treasure and wear again and again. Team it with a stunning earring and your onto a million dollar look. This is something that the girls will treasure and really appreciate.

Sometimes the waist of the dresses need a bit of sparkle and a brooch is a great way to do this. This is something that could also be worn on the shoulder of the dresses. This is more suited to plain dresses with no embellishment to add a bit of bling.

Take a look at some of the fab pieces of jewellery handmade at Azure Jewellery that we have teamed with Amity Bridesmaids dresses!


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